What Folks Are Saying...

First Lady Andrea White

“I think your efforts to link the arts community through cyberspace are one of the key steps to getting Houston artists the national and international recognition that they deserve. I, also, am excited about using spacetaker as a resource to match artists with schools and donors.  After school arts activities are so important. Your long term vision is bearing fruit. Keep up the good work!”

John Harvey -- Co-founder of Mildred's Umbrella Theatre Company

"Spacetaker has allowed us to not only reach a larger audience, but also to refine how we approach the Houston theater-going community.  The photograph and reviews Spacetaker offers highlight our productions, while the information and links Spacetaker offers enhances our relationship to other theater-groups in the city.  The photo archive of our show Tomorrow Morning received an enthusiastic response from audience and cast members.  Knowing that Spacetaker will list audition information, show dates and times, and provide a window into our productions helps us remain an interactive part of theatre in this city.   Also, if I want to know what’s going on there’s no better resource than Spacetaker.  David Brown has proven to be tireless supporter of the creative spirit in Houston.”

Nina Craig -- Artist and Teacher

“Spacetaker has had a profound effect on my career in the past year. This is especially important to me because as an emerging artist it is difficult to gain exposure.
As an art teacher I have found Spacetaker to be a wonderful resource in the classroom. Because of Spacetaker my students are not only more informed, but have become more involved as well. Many students and their families have attended openings, shows and exhibitions they discovered through Spacetaker. The connections this organization has made are truly incredible.
This organization has made a positive impact on my life and the lives of my students. I hope to see Spacetaker continue to grow and evolve in the future because I feel that their potential is unlimited.“ 

Two Star Symphony -- A Local String Quartet

Debra Brown, Jo Bird, Margaret Lejeune and Chenoa Mauthner
“Spacetaker, for us has become a magical bridge connecting the underground music scene with the mainstream art scene.  This bridge has given us hope for our future to be financially successful artists.  This is the dream, to provide for yourself through your art.
Recently we performed at two events, one on a Friday evening and that Saturday.  On both of these occasions, I was approached by some of the audience members that had found out about the event by going to Spacetaker to see what was happening over the weekend.  Spacetaker is an incredible networking system that is continuously creating exposure for us and many artists.”

Clinton Hopper -- Nova Arts Project- Artistic Director

"Our relationship with Spacetaker has proven to be a remarkable asset to Nova Arts Project...  Specifically, Spacetaker has supported our cause in two important ways; direct assistance in the marketing of our theatrical programs and the mentorship of our leadership."

Aileen Mapes -- Dancer/ Choreographer

"We collaborated to produce Transistor, a free concert that took place in the heart of our city on Main St. Square on a lively Saturday night. The process taught me the grant writing process, and the specific details required to produce a community concert. Without the help of Spacetaker, I could never have imagined the success of the event, much less being able to do it on my own. Their role allowed me the freedom to create on focus on the art form.
For the first time I knew my art was flourishing; and the community recognized me a
strong artistic member. Without their love and support, I can’t imagine my career having grown so much without it. I’m amazed, yet not surprised at how fast and strong Spacetaker has grown in the last six years of my relationship with the organization. It continues to provide a strong link between the community and the arts; and It’s role is vital to the city of Houston."


Karen Stokes -- Director- Travesty Dance Group/Houston

“Spacetaker is an artist colony where I can access artists from disciplines outside of dance. IN a day of collaborating art making, this seems essential. Thank you Spacetaker!!!"


Roxanne McCauley Paiva -- Co-Founder of The Community Cloth

"To say that the Community Cloth is grateful to Spacetaker and Cultured Cocktails would be terribly insufficient. Our event at Boheme was a wonderful success. Not only were we able to discuss the real issues going on with refugees living here in Houston, but we sold our beautiful hats and scarves on the middle of July! It couldn’t have happened without an awesome organization like Spacetaker."