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On February 1st the Fresh Arts' annual gala, Ball n' Chain, will feature four different wedding-themed areas on the second floor of Winter Street Studios. Each area features its own fabulously wild, wonderful, and weird entertainment. Scroll down to get the details on the entertainment for the night! 
Tickets ($100) are available at the door! Cash, credit, or checks!

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In the Vegas, baby! main stage area, partygoers dance the night away to favorite wedding reception hits performed by the eight-piece band Klockwork, get 'wowed' by the Met dancers,  take-in a special "Cake-topper" burlesque performance by Tifa Tittlywinks, rub shoulders with strolling showgirls and of course, the King!


Link to Houston's Klockwork band  



Klockwork consists of eight multi-talented musicians and vocalsists. Their "in the pocket" rhythm section includes bass, guitars, keyboards, drums, and a "funkanizing" horn section of trumpet, flugel horn, sax and trombone. Being a diverse band, allows their songfest to range from Jazz to the Blues and from the Motown sound to Funk with a touch of Disco and Rock and Roll along the way. They have been rocking Houston and surrounding areas for years with dynamic dance rhythms, smooth melodies, and a show that just can't be replicated! 


Check out a sample here!





Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, Photo Credit: Frank White Photography


Houston Metropolitan Dance Company


Photo Credit: Frank White Photography 


"The Houston Met sure knows how to fill up a stage with luscious movement.... if one just landed in Houston and ended up in a seat at Cullen, they would surely understand the Met's signature as a Houston dance company." 

- Nancy Wozny, Dance Source Houston, April 2012  




Tifa Tittlywinks, image courtesy of Kingwood Pinups and the artist


Tifa Tittlywinks

of Dem Damn Dames Showgirls

Photo by:  Kingwood Pinups


Tifa Tittlywinks is a sexy creature of class, jazz, singing, boozing and commanding the attention of whatever man or women happens to fall into her gaze, but do not be deceived by her sweet, playful nature. She has been known to stretch the boundaries of burlesque, and encapsulate audiences of all kinds with her repertoire of feathers, glitter, rhinestones, and of course pasties. 


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The King!





Partygoers take a turn toward the swamp in the Ode de Possum, Shotgun Wedding Hall, where they will be serenaded by Geoffrey Mueller's expert banjo, wonder at Elaine Bradford's mysterious masked critters, or bet on their own favorite critter in the live armadillo races. 



Armadillo Races

(yes, you read that right)




Geoffrey Mueller at Ball 'n Chain photo credit, Jay Lee

Banjo serenades by the infamous 

Geoffrey Muller

Photo credit: Jay Lee,


"Geoffrey Mueller is a musical chameleon having mastered several instruments such as banjo, guitar, bass, saw, voice, and whatever else you stick in his hands. Playing in such notable bands as Sideshow Tramps, I am Mesmer

Grandfather Child, Chase Hamblin's band, Perfect Penis, and more, Mueller manages to be everywhere yet not spread himself thin. Frankly, if you spend any night of the week watching live music in this town then you are surely to run 

into this local musical treasure."


- Omar Afra, Interview: Geoffrey Mueller, Free Press Houston, July 2, 2009  



After wearing themselves out rooting for their favorite armored mammal, guests can take a load off in the R-rated Bachelor//ette Last Chance Lounge, which includes a rapid infused tequila cocktail bar and light bites- provided by El Gran Malo, featuring DJ Grahamaphone, the risqué and one-of-a-kind wares in YET Torres & Zubi Puente's (of Kushbu Studios) erotic Valentine Market, and Kiki presents The Final Fling Show:  burlesque performances by bachelorettes KiKi Maroon, Tifa Tittlywinks, and Lady Lush.  


Kiki presents: The Final Fling Show
Photo by: Mauro Luna  Click image for more info.
"KiKi Presents" is a new series which relies on the success of The Sideshow to promote Un-Sideshow events & productions.


KiKis Sordid Sideshow was created in 2011 and while it has grown to be her most well known project, KiKi has been an event coordinator, promoter, and producer for several years. Events ranging from Burlesque (Sugar and Spice Balls, The PeepShow Project), festival shows (Lighting in a Bottle, The Art Car Ball, ArtOutside, Free Press SummerFest), and artist showcases (RAW Houston, YET anther Tea Party, KiKi's Sordid Open Mic).




Valentine Market

Peruse the risqué and one-of-a-kind wares from Kushbu Studio's artist team, YET Torres & Zubi Puente



DJ Grahamaphone, Houston, TX


DJ Grahamaphone


 Electro-swing DJ deep in the heart of Texas!


Check out his sound here!


In The VIP Bollywood Lounge, gala underwriters are treated to a Bollywood-inspired dance from the unbelievable Houston Metropolitan Dance Company.  


Houston Met at Fresh Arts Gala 2013  

Houston Metropolitan Dance Company


Breathtaking, awesome and inspiring... these are but a few of the comments Houston audiences have said about an evening with the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company.  Since 1995, the company has presented 17 seasons of contemporary dance that explodes into movement, color and emotion. 


Learn more here





Aaron Hermes


Aaron first picked up the sitar in 1997. His guruji is Atmaram Sharma, a master sitarist from Hyderabad, India. Aaron has studied in in Texas and India, where he developed his skills in sitar and tabla alongside meditation & yoga. He also was initiated on the santur (the original Persian hammered dulcimer) from none other than Shiv Kumar Sharma.


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